13 Facebook marketing tips

Facebook has become a staple for adding more visibility and transparency to your business or website. The trick is a Facebook page that is dormant or not set up nicely can actually have a negative effect. Here is some basic tips to getting your Facebook page looking good and growing with your your company.

  1. Don’t post too much in theĀ beginning
    When you fist set up your page it’s o.k. to add several posts to fill up the page up but continually adding low quality posts several times a day can frustrate your followers. We suggest never adding more than two posts a day in the beginning. Simply wait another day if you have several post ideas you want to roll out.
  2. Focus on theĀ community
    Posting a lot of sales pitches and product material is going to scare off a lot of your followers. Social networks on a whole do best when providing personal and helpful content. Not posts made just around trying to sell your product.
  3. Always add a video or photo
    When making any social media post make sure and add a good quality image or video. Posts with pictures get over 800 times more attention.
  4. Think quick and short
    You have less than a second to get your users attention. If you have a video make sure the very beginning is eye and attention grabbing. If they stay past the first couple seconds they are much more likely to look for other content. Most content should be under 3 minutes and the sweet spot is around 1 minute.
  5. Be social
    It sounds simple but think like a business consultant not a salesman.
  6. Use hashtags
    Facebook is not the most searchable social network but people do still search and Facebook gives suggested websites based on hashtags. Use keywords in the description and hashtags with every post.
  7. Follow what’s trending
    Find out what’s popular on Facebook and twist it to be relevant to your business.
  8. Don’t buy likes
    Buying likes normally will hurt actually your page in the long run. It’s o.k. to use promotions services to build your page up, just make sure they are not liking you with fake profiles.
  9. Take time before responding to a bad review
    It’s inevitable to get a bad review as your business grows. In fact having a bad review is not always bad. Most people know you can’t make everyone happy and see them more as an active company than a bad one. The rule of thumb is to wait a day after seeing a bad review so your reply is less emotional and more professional.
  10. Have a call to action
    Make sure your page has a call to action back to your website. Facebook business pages are a marketing tool not your business’s presence.
  11. Focus on engagement
    The goal is not just to get likes and followers. If you focus on engagement you will see a lot more activity in the long run which will lead to more likes and followers.
  12. Don’t worry about not having a lot of traffic
    Facebook has millions of business pages and none of them really get a lot of traffic or engagement. Facebook users are more interested in their friends and rarely get excited about business pages. Just keep posted good content and boosting a couple good posts and let the slow growth be your mantra. The traffic is highly targeted and it does help your SEO some as well.
  13. Don’t go crazy with Facebook ads
    We have spent thousands on Facebook ads and have never got a sale that we could track. We chalk Facebook ads up as Branding not sales tools. Google and Bing search ads have a much much better ROI.