It’s true! The AIM we all loved back in the 90’s is closing.

It’s a sad day for the un-evolutionary tech world. Despite still having millions of users AIM (AOL’s instant messenger) is closing the doors on December 15th 2017. This will mark 20 years from it’s start! I can only guess Skype is just to strong to compete with although I can easily see a better chat and calling system coming out soon. Skype still lacks a lot of features people want and looks a little childish. Not that looking childish is necessarily a bad thing, but most people want a chat that is clean and simple. As all design things on the Internet now-a-days, simple is the new fancy.

Also with VR creeping up to the main stream, we will definitely need a chat program with VR capability.

I personally would love to see a chat program with multiple profiles that will ring through at one time. of course telling which chat the program alert is on. For me I use Skype here at Web Host Pro for business a lot so I can’t run my personal profile at the same time. Also if you’r thinking about developing the next big chat thing and want to go BIG! Make a chat program that also handles calls like Skype but with a smart PBX system and FAX! Anyways, I’m sure whoever does this, will be the next Skype. Unfortunately I don’t have an extra 2 million to develop it lol. Interestingly enough AOL as a company is still going strong with it’s dial up service. Bringing in a hefty profit each month. They also are expanding their media division hoping it will soon be their main cash cow.

Either way I think I speak for the entire Internet when I say thanks for making the first chat program allowing us to meet random people all over the world and of course testing our ability to tell if they are a robot or not.