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Moving from eHost to Web Host Pro

We recently heard about eHost shutting down and realize there is a lot of customers not sure what to do with their websites now. Of course we are happy to have you and even have lower prices so it could be a good thing. There is only one trick… how do you get your website and domain over to Web Host pro from the eHost system? First, luckily we have a transfer tool so in most cases it’s just a matter of making a backup and restoring it into your new account. You can do the backup in the eHost cPanel and then restore it into your Web Host Pro cPanel.

Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds to move from eHost to Web Host Pro.


  1. It’s really is pretty easy. First, I would consider removing any large files before making the backup at eHost, this will make the transfer faster and less likely to have an issue.

2. Second, once you have a full backup on your local computer log into your cPanel with your new account here at Web Host Pro and use the backup wizard tool. It will upload the file and put everything where it needs to go.

Once you have all the files ready you can move the domain or redirect the domain. Moving the domain is really called transferring the domain and as you can see on our domain registration page it’s as simple as clicking the transfer option when choosing a domain. Once you have started the domain transfer process you will need to make sure the domain is unlocked at eHost and that the email on file is current. The system will then email that email on file for you to approve it. Redirecting the domain is even easier, you just add our name servers where the domain is registered. These come in your welcome email when you sign up.

That’s it really. Just make a backup at eHost and restore it in your new cPanel with Web Host Pro.

Then do a domain transfer and approve the email sent to you once it’s started or redirect with our name servers.

After these are both done you will be with a trusted web host that has been in business since 2001 and completely out of the red so there is no way for a possible closure.

When you are ready… The first step is to grab a web hosting account here. Or contact us, we are happy to help. One other last thing a lot of webmaster’s do is hire a Fiverr guy to do the transfer for them. They only charge $5! And we have a free $5 deal with this link:

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