4 reasons you should get PHP7 now

With many new versions of popular scripts coming next year we would like to raise awareness on the must of upgrading to PHP 7. Many scripts like Joomla and Magento will require PHP 7 to run. Most hosts already offer PHP 7 in their packages and it should be fairly easy to change your PHP version. At Web Host Pro you can simply use the multi PHP tool in your cpanel to switch back and fourth between versions.

With it becoming a must for certain scripts let us also explain why you should upgrade to PHP 7 ASAP.

PHP 7 is better
Easy to say of course, but PHP 7 actually has a performance improvement that makes your website run twice as fast (compared to PHP 5) in fact some benchmark tests has shown it to improve websites to be over four times as fast!

It saves memory
It also has a 50% better memory consumption which means more memory is used for your website to load faster.

It’s much more secure
PHP 7 is also more secure and constantly checked for vulnerabilities. Versions older than PHP 5.6 are no longer supported for security fixes. If some big vulnerability is found in PHP 5.3, nobody is going to fix it and your site will be vulnerable. By using the latest version, you will always know that those possible problems will be taken care of, and updates will be available to you very quickly when there is one.
As PHP 7 is the latest major version, it will be supported for a long time

It’s more advanced and diverse
We won’t get into this too much but it allows developers much more room to awesome things with your website. It’s also faster to get things done from tighter code tools.