New passive income ideas for 2018

Passive income is becoming a standard for the modern creative person. Using your sales, marketing, and creative ideas to make an easy extra passive month to month income. As Internet business changes, new ways to make some side cash pop up and old ones become relevant again. Here is 10 ideas for you to start your new passive income business that millions of people are doing right now.

  1. Create eBooks and PODs
    Writing and selling the service of writing for eBooks and PODs are blowing up. New unique content is become the gold for Internet businesses. Find a formula and offer solutions for customers while getting income from your own eBooks as well.
  2. Create online classes
    More and more people are seeking education a la carte.  Rather than committing years to earn a degree they are getting real life help from experienced people in their field. Making your own classes and having a service to help others do classes are your target here.
  3. Monetizing a blog
    Blogs are great, at some point every will have some sort of online blog if not for business to write and be a part of the blogosphere. Much like adding your personal thoughts and ideas will attract a following. This allows you to make money from the traffic by offering specific good tailored to what your visitors might like.
  4. Outsourcing
    With sites like Fiverr and Freelancer you can now start your own service to help people from articles to graphics.
  5. Affiliate marketing
    Since 1998 affiliate marketing has been the leading way to learn how to market and make a business on the Internet. With the right affiliate program you can make thousands a month with almost zero effort.
  6. Designing T-shirts
    Making t-shirts is getting more popular now with easy to use services that do all the work. Design a couple shirts that people in your circles would like and start adding links on your sites and blogs.
  7. Selling photos
    The Internet is fickle so boring cheesy stock photos won’t cut in anymore. Take real pictures with a good camera and good lighting and you’ll get sales from several stock photography photos.
  8. Starting a YouTube channel
    YouTube! Wow, I can’t believe how many people are getting rich from low budget Vlogs there. If you haven’t started a YouTube video series yet, get started.
  9. Credit Card rewards
    Like affiliate marketing credit cards are offering huge referral bonuses. Sign up for a couple and start pushing new credit card deals for a good commission.
  10. Merchant accounts
    Like credit card promotion merchant account pay out less at first but some offer ongoing percentages which can build up fast for a long term passive income.