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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building A Website

You’re a small business owner and you’ve just decided to start a website. That’s great! Having a website is absolutely an essential part of any business, especially in 2018.

Of course, if you’re a beginner, creating a website can be a daunting process as there are a lot that you need to get done such as finding a reliable web host or buying a domain name.

One thing’s for sure, before you launch your website, you got to make sure that it provides the user experience possible. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of web designers miss the mark as they tend to focus too much on creativity instead of building a website that solves the user’s needs.

If you don’t want your website to end up as a unusable mess, then you have to avoid making these common mistakes when building a website.

Not optimizing your site

In 2018, there’s no excuse for you to have a website that looks unprofessional. First impressions are important for a website and research shows that it only takes 0.5 seconds for a user to decide whether they like your website or not and whether to stay or leave.

Having a good looking website is important but it shouldn’t come at the cost of performance. A common mistake that most web designers commit is to put too much images and media files that are large. When they do this, their website’s loading speed will take a hit which can harm your user’s overall experience.

Sure, that huge landscape image might make your site look amazing, but what’s the point if takes way too long to load.

Keep your website optimized by uploading images and media files that are already compressed. Doing will reduce the strain on your bandwidth and lets your website loads faster to give your users a smoother experience.

There are cases where your website is still lagging even though you’ve optimized all that you can. When that happens, you might want to consider changing your web host and find one that’s much more reliable and offer better speed.

Ignoring a mobile version

Here’s a quick question: how many of you are reading this on your mobile device?

Odds are a majority of you are currently using your mobile smart devices to read this article and visit websites. As a matter of fact, it’s much more likely that a user’s first experience of your website will be on a mobile device.

In 2018, majority of the population consume content and use the internet via their mobile devices so your website needs to look good and loads fast on it. This is why having a mobile version or a mobile optimized website is important.

When you’re building your website, remember to create a mobile version as well. Make sure that the mobile version is consistent with your main website in terms of color, theme, and overall design. Just make sure to not add too many things to it such as having multiple popups.

If you’re not too comfortable with coding, you can just use website builders such as Wix or Weebly to create your website. The great thing about website builders is that they often come with an option to create a mobile version of your website, which saves you the hassle of building one from scratch.

Overlooking the costs

Have you ever actually stop and think to yourself:

How much will it cost to build a website?”

Most beginners or newbies will have a cursory idea of how much a website cost. But they don’t go deep enough to see how much it all really costs and end up going over their budget or don’t put in enough.

Before you start building your website, you should always do an estimation of the costs for all the things you need for your website.

You might be an accomplished coder but if you’re not good at social media, then you’re going to have to hire a social media consultant or manager. Conversely, you might be great at writing and creating content but have no clue how to build a website, odds are you’re going to have as hire a web developer.

Knowing what you need and how much all of these will cost you can help in deciding whether you should build your website on your own or hire people to do it.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to hire freelancers on platforms such as Upwork for one-off projects or on a contract basis.

Lack of security and protection

For a business and its website, employing proper security and protection is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. You wouldn’t want your website, your eCommerce store, your source income be susceptible to attacks or hacks and cause you unnecessary anxiety.

Even Google has taken steps to highlight websites that do not have SSL certificates by showing them as “unsecure”. When you have an “unsecure” website, you won’t rank high up in Google’s search results which can affect your traffic and ultimately, your profit.

Always make sure that your website has a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate before you launch as it not only helps keep your website secure, but also identifies your website as “secure” to Google.

You can either go for free SSL certificates at places such Let’s Encrypt or go for reputable Certificate Authorities such or Comodo.

For online stores, it’s recommended that you go the extra mile in terms of security. Companies such as Sucuri offers comprehensive protections against security threats such as DDOS attacks and malware.


Starting a website for your business can be an exciting endeavor. If done right, you’ll could end with up a very profitable and valuable asset. However, if you want to make your website the best it can be, then you should definitely avoid making the mistakes that we’ve listed above.

Who knows, you could end up being the next Amazon or even Google!

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