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Zarconia shut’s down new home can be found with Web Host Pro


Zarconia is a popular web host that specializes in Dolphin based web hosting. We are very sorry to hear things did not work out with Zarconia and would like to extend an easy transition to Web Host Pro for any Dolphin based or normal web hosting customers looking for new web hosting.

To help keep things simple, we will move your account for you. All you need is a Pro plan or better so it has enough power to run Dolphin. Once you sign up, add a ticket with your Zarconia username and password and we will move everything over for you.

We want to make the transfer as easy as possible for you, so please feel free to just let us do all the work and get you back in a place you are secure. We have been in business since 2001 and have been out of the red since 2004 so we have no risk of going out of business at anytime. Bottom line is that you are safe here, and will have the top performance our customers have already loved for decades.

When you are ready to transfer to Web Host Pro just grab the Pro plan through the link below and add a ticket once you sign up with the login details at Zarconia. We can move everything over from there.

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