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Better domain registration

Maybe you have noticed, but Internet domain registration services love to offer free trials, start up discounts, and hidden fees. The truth is that these tactics work, so I don’t see them going away anytime soon. For the rest of us though, the ones that can tell that a low discount initial cost will cost much more money in the long run, there’s Web Host Pro. Godaddy is the best example with that popular $1 for the first year domain. Once you add the over-priced SSL, Web Hosting, and Privacy fees, you’ll get up to $400 a year for what your website needs to get going. The exact same service with Web Host Pro from the start would be $10.99 a year for the domain registration and $63 a year for the web hosting. This includes free privacy, free SSL, and proven faster, more reliable, web hosting (all things not free with Godaddy). You literally are saving over $300 a year with Web Host Pro. Feel free to get excited about that $1 for the first year domain deal but you might want to do the math first.

Web Host Pro also has stronger privacy than even what you would pay for with services like, yahoo, godaddy, hostgator, dreamhost, and virtually every other web host and domain register out there. We do this by using our company’s details rather than the WHOIS privacy service with ICANN. When privacy is added with ICANN your details are stored with them which adds another place that can see your private details and be at risk of being hacked. Only with Web Host Pro can you have total privacy with your domain registration.

In early 2018 Web Host Pro teamed up with several other domain registers to find out what people hated about their current register. The top two issues came up over and over; Bait and switch and high pressured endless up-sells.

  1. Getting a big discount at first, than a sky rocketed price for the next year. On average the price for domain registration promotions double, but we had reports of prices going up over 20 times the original price with customers being forced to pay the increased fees to keep the domain. Oh and these sneaky bait and switch registers loved to bury the details in hundreds of lines of TOS data knowing you are not going to read it.
  2. Endless up-sells. Who isn’t sick of getting emails from companies over and over trying to sell you more than what you already have. I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of emails to sort through each day, the last thing I need is another product offer from my register or web host. If I need something more I will simply order it when it’s needed. This is what marketing email lists are for anyways, not the account email or account sections. Most of these upsell items these other domain registration and web hosts offer, Web Host Pro already offers for free. Like full DNS management, Total Privacy, and SSL certificates.

To cut to the chase, Web Host Pro feels that your privacy should not cost more. And signing up with our services does not make you a target to buy more products. We don’t send marketing emails or promotions and you’ll never see product or services banners in your account admin section.

We also were able to get a tally of the most used new TLDs recently which had some new ones rise up in the ranks. This is not an overall rank of all domain registers, but done from about the top 100 domain registration services in the first half of 2018. Does this mean you should run out and grab a bunch of .US domains? We don’t think so. Google still lays claim that it doesn’t favor any TLD with it’s ranking, so it’s more important to choose a TLD that is easy to remember and makes sense with your website’s purpose.

Good luck and happy domain hunting!