Secure your WordPress website now

The Internet has seen many more attacks than normal at WordPress based websites this year. It’s more important than ever to make sure your WordPress website is safe and secure. Here is 6 steps that are all important, and should be done right away to secure your WordPress.

1. Update everything in your WordPress.

2. Only use passwords for your website. Reusing a password used elsewhere is not safe.

3. Remove any plugins you don’t need. Plugins like JetPack are safe and handles the task of many other plugins. Alkemist is also another safe and essential WordPress plugin. Anything else, use with caution or remove.

4. In your cPanel, click multiPHP and choose PHP version 7.3., It is better and more secure than any other PHP version. If your site does not work with PHP 7.3, upgrade to the highest PHP version that works with your site, or upgrade your WordPress website to work with PHP 7.3.

5. Get a new theme. Old WordPress themes and plugins are how most WordPress sites are hacked. Head over to ThemeForest or any of the thousands of active them builders for a new one, or in our download section, we have two safe newer free WordPress themes available. When looking for a new theme make sure it is recently updated (within a couple months) and if possible, check comments and feedback to see if people are having issues and that the developer is actively updating it.

6. Make a full back up in your cPanel and download it. Having local back ups is very important for many reasons. If you get hacked, it could save you the days or weeks needed to rebuild a new website or something worse. There is also WordPress backups which can be better than a cPanel backup because we can remove everything on the site and add a new WordPress and you can use the back up there. This is the safest way to restore a site after a hack. Hackers sometimes will add backdoors (a secret way back into the site) and leave them there of months. So a full cPanel back up might restore a version of the site that has an old backdoor. When a WordPress based back up probably will not.

most secure cms

This is the difference of CMS programs hacked and what is done.

cms security

This is very important to do now, more than one unsecure WordPress site has been hacked this week (2/26/2020) on our network. The most we have ever had.

We also would like to mention as brought up from our customers. Adding these security plugins can help as well: WordFence and All In One WP Security & Firewall