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WordPress updates


WordPress recently made some big changes we are excited about. With your WordPress admin section you can choose to auto update themes and plugins. This is really helpful since most WordPress websites are hacked or stop working from outdated themes and plugins.

While you are setting up the new options in your WP admin section, you might want to secure your WordPress websites further as well. Go here for more details on securing WordPress:

Secure WordPress

They added some other helpful improvements recently as well. Including over 13 bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The new release 5.4 is expected March 31st 2020.

Remember, we have free templates for WordPress in our auto installer. The auto installer also has auto updates as well, and auto backups available.

Grab some easy to use, fast web hosting, and get your WordPress website going in no time. There is no better long term way to build a website than with WordPress right now. It helps SEO and allows for total control and evolution as the Internet changes. Unlike those recycled template builders that claim to make things easier.

Do a website right with WordPress today:

WordPress Web Hosting

if you have any tutorial ideas for us, or just have some questions about WordPress, please contact us anytime. We have been building all types of WordPress websites for over 10 years now!