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Best remote email services

Email can be a real pain when free services like Hotmail decide to block you or other good emails. Unfortunately bigger free email services run by Microsoft like Hotmail, Live, Outlook, and some other companies, do not care much about getting good email to their users. They just want you to use their service so they can collect your data and sell you things. Or sell your data. They want to achieve this with the least amount of work possible to obtain it. This is done by broad massive filters to avoid any spam and use less load on the servers. If one IP address sends even a little SPAM from say a WordPress site getting hacked. Microsoft will block 100’s of surrounding IPs that are not even related to the issue. With Gmail, a much better free email service. Microsoft knows their free email service will be obsolete soon, and their office 360 email service, will go away along with it. This means Microsoft is trying to squeeze every last penny from their free email before they have to stop it once it fails. At this point they mostly just automate it to get your information, for as little work as possible while they can.

So what’s the best professional email services if your web hosting provider is having issues with Microsoft? Or you still use Microsoft email and want to get off the sinking ship.

Here is a short list of three remote email options and the general price for each with some pros and cons.

Listed in order of our favorites

WorkSpace at EZ Domain Name

This is our favorite remote email option. The price is the lowest and it’s the easiest to set up and use. Prices start as low as $2.49 a month for extremely reliable trusted email for up to 5 accounts. If you want IMAP support like what IPhones use, you’ll need to get the Business plan for $4.49 a month or better.

We have used the Ultimate plan at EZ Domain Name for several emails at Web Host pro and it’s worked great. We have had very little missed emails and no downtime.

G-Suite from Google

G-Suite is probably the best overall option if you don’t mind the price. I believe it’s about $10-15 a month and comes with extra option like file storage. G-mail is the best overall professional email service, we just liked EZ Domain name better because we didn’t need an entire suite of options. If you just want email, than EZ Domain Name is the way to go. If you want the extra options with G-Suite, it is the overall best remote email service available.

Other options
EZ Domain Name and G-Suite are far above any other option for quality, functionality, and prices. But these two others are good companies and might suit your needs. ZoHo email starts as low as $12 a year which comes in as the lowest price. They do have a reputation for missed email and downtime. Proton Mail seems to hide their prices (which can’t be good). But we do see a lot of email coming from them, so their could be something good there that we just don’t know about.

Remote email services to avoid

Like we said before, anything Microsoft, Outlook, Live, or Hotmail related will block lots of good email and probably give you an aneurysm trying to figure out how to configure it and keep it going.