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The best color tools for designers


Setting a basic color theme for your designer project might be an easy task, however, deciding the right color combinations or coming up with a complex color scheme may get tricky. So to help find the best color schemes for your projects, here is some of the best web based color tools available.

Adobe color

The Adobe tool is the industry standard and what we use here at Web Host Pro. It’s a little plain and lacks any ability to inspire new colors. If you have a color or colors and want to see what else will match it well, this will do that.

Color Mind

This is newer tool that is very innovative and fast to use. We liked how it lists color schemes used for popular references like Game of Thrones and the Lego movie. If you are looking for color scheme inspiration we suggest Color Mind.


Is uses AI to help you find the right color scheme. Very clever and covers almost all possible uses.

Color hunt

Color hunt is a really fun service used to find pre-made color schemes you can use yourself. Each color scheme has votes and comments which can help you decide if it’s right for your project.


Color inspo probably has the most options of any of the services on the list. If you are willing to pay a little, they have premium services that can save time and help inspire you to find the perfect color combo.

There is many other color tools you can find through Google. These just stood out as professional or high quality well thought out projects.

Good luck on finding your perfect colors!