• 2016 Green Hosting Award

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    2016 Green Hosting Award

    We are honored to receive the Editor’s Choice Award for Green Hosting from FindMyHost. For more details on our green efforts co here: Green Web Hosting

  • Over 6 years of no network downtime

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    Over 6 years of no network downtime

    What an exciting time! I can remember back in 1998 before I was in the web hosting business. Downtime was a couple times a week occurrence. There was times our hosting company was down almost a day. Of course it always happened right after spending a bunch of money on a new marketing campaign.

  • Data center number three starts with plan in Phoenix

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    Data center number three starts with plan in Phoenix

    We are very excited about our new plan to open a data center in Phoenix Arizona. Starting next month our President Charles Yarbrough will be flying into Scottsdale from Costa Rica for 1 year to head the new facility. Our plan is to go solar like we did in Las Vegas. “The amount of Sun we get in Las Vegas and will get in Phoenix would just be a complete waste not to utilize.” According to James, Web Host Pro owner.

  • MySQL Password Alert

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    MySQL Password Alert

    The latest version of MySQL has forced a stricter password format for all databases. This only effects databases made several years ago so most are just fine. If it has effected your website you will just need to create a new MySQL user for your MySQL database connection. It’s pretty easy to use and we are happy to do it for you. We suggest to do this even if you are not effected yet to be sure you have the most recent security.

  • Voted best budget host 2016

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    Voted best budget host 2016

    Web Host Pro was awarded for the best Budget host. It’s a great way to start off 2016. With over 15 years of hosting millions of websites we know what it takes to make sure your site is fast and reliable without all the extra costs. Join Web Host Pro today to get the lowest price possible

  • How Web Host Pro started in about 25 seconds

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    How Web Host Pro started in about 25 seconds

  • Interview from 2002

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    Interview from 2002

    We tracked down old Interviews we did and thought we would post them for fun. I just wish we have some pictures from then as well. Here is a newspaper Interview from 2002 We are a privately owned company out of Santa Barbara our data center is located in downtown LA. We started out small just

  • Host Search Interview

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    Host Search Interview

    Recently Host Search asked us to do a Interview so we sent over our main guy Charles to give them some insight in what makes Web Host Pro

    HOSTSEARCH: Hi Charles – thank you for speaking with us. Can you please tell us about your background?