• Interview from 2002

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    Interview from 2002

    We tracked down old Interviews we did and thought we would post them for fun. I just wish we have some pictures from then as well. Here is a newspaper Interview from 2002 We are a privately owned company out of Santa Barbara our data center is located in downtown LA. We started out small just

  • Host Search Interview

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    Host Search Interview

    Recently Host Search asked us to do a Interview so we sent over our main guy Charles to give them some insight in what makes Web Host Pro

    HOSTSEARCH: Hi Charles – thank you for speaking with us. Can you please tell us about your background?

  • Web Host Pro announces improved routes

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    Web Host Pro announces improved routes

    Web Host Pro Announces New Website Design with Better Navigation Features to Quickly Help Choose Best Web Hosting with Improved Routes Los Angeles, California based Web Host Pro Inc. incorporates major web design changes, aimed at offering easier navigation for customers to choose more fluid paths for their web hosting. Los Angeles, California, June 29,

  • Happy Labor Day

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    Happy Labor Day

    Hard work is what built this country from the ground up. It’s individuals that sweated day in and day out to build our bridges, buildings, roads, houses, cables, electronics, the list is endless. And now because of these hard workers we can talk to our families anytime, drive any place, and have a roof over

  • Our new VPS system is live

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    Our new VPS system is live

    We now offer full root access VPS services. With prices starting as low as $16.99 a month you can get a full powered VPS server with a gig of ram and 10 gigabytes of hard drive space. This includes full backups and CPanel for only $11 more a month. For full details please look at

  • How to move your website to a new host

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    How to move your website to a new host

    We get a lot of customers that have accounts at other hosts and want to move it over to Web Host Pro. In most cases they have CPanel so it’s best to just throw in a ticket with your FTP information and we can do a root level move for you. This grabs everything and

  • Maps of underwater Fiber cables that carry the Internet

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    Maps of underwater Fiber cables that carry the Internet

    We stumbled across some great images of all the cables under sea that carry Internet bandwidth. I remember when Global Crossing was the first one throwing a line down to South America. Now there is thousands and the speeds around the world are a millisecond. Just amazing to Internet nerds like us. My only question