• How to move your website to a new host

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    How to move your website to a new host

    We get a lot of customers that have accounts at other hosts and want to move it over to Web Host Pro. In most cases they have CPanel so it’s best to just throw in a ticket with your FTP information and we can do a root level move for you. This grabs everything and

  • Maps of underwater Fiber cables that carry the Internet

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    Maps of underwater Fiber cables that carry the Internet

    We stumbled across some great images of all the cables under sea that carry Internet bandwidth. I remember when Global Crossing was the first one throwing a line down to South America. Now there is thousands and the speeds around the world are a millisecond. Just amazing to Internet nerds like us. My only question

  • The big three web apps!

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    The big three web apps!

    There are literally tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of active scripts and apps out there that people use on websites. Scripts and apps mean the same thing. Basically the term “apps” is taking over the older term “scripts” for this. With all these options to choose from there is actually only

  • Your home page vibe

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    Your home page vibe

    Your home page is so important to every aspect on your business. It sets the vibe and image for how the world sees you. Are you serious, fun, simple, modern, classic, ect, ect. For example ours is about being simple and comfortable. We want our customers to feel good about trying something they might feel worried

  • WebHostpro partners with CloudFlare

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    WebHostpro partners with CloudFlare

    CloudFlare, a web performance and security company, partners with WebHostpro! If you haven’t heard about CloudFlare before, they can make any website up to twice as fast and protect it from a broad range of web threats. We are happy to partner up with CloudFlare. This added option in CPanel will allow customers to be

  • Web Host Pro – Voted Best Web Hosting Site.

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    Web Host Pro – Voted Best Web Hosting Site.

    Web Host Pro is an amazing website which has helped many small scale businesses get their businesses moved to a virtual platform via interactive and eye catching web sites and pages that catch the users’ attention as well as provide complete service for SEO marketing and online small business web hosting. Since the competition has

  • Need a website?

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    Need a website?

    Here is a FUN monster guy promo video for shared web hosting we just made. More videos to come!

  • CPanel upgrades

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    CPanel upgrades

    We just made some awesome new improvements to your CPanel. As always we do basic security and software updates nightly but every couple months we make some major improvements we like to let everyone know about. The latest update done on 02/02/2015 has some great upgrades to your CPanel including: Reinforced Security CPanel includes a