• Form mail spam blocker

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    Form mail spam blocker

    We found this great trick to block most spam for any form mail type form. Just paste this right above the submit button in the code:   <div id=”fooDiv”> <label for=”foo”>Leave this field blank</label> <input type=”text” name=”foo” id=”foo”> </div> <script> (function () { var e = document.getElementById(“fooDiv”); e.parentNode.removeChild(e); })(); </script>     The will eliminate

  • How to choose what picture type

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    How to choose what picture type

    Here is an awesome info-graphic on the different types of images that are used. It’s a great tools so save this page, using the right image type means faster loading images and better looking graphics. Enjoy!

  • Free WHMCS

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    Free WHMCS

    A holiday present for all new customers! We are giving away 6 months of free WHMCS, the most advanced web hosting billing system and server management script. This version is branded but can have the branding removed for a couple dollars more if needed. Any new reseller web hosting customers can just put a ticket

  • Free HTML5 CSS table

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    Free HTML5 CSS table

    We found this great free HTML5 CSS table you can download and use any way you like. You can see a sample of of here: Free Modern HTML5 CSS table You can download the page and images here: Free modern HTML5 CSS table Sorry we tried to type the code here but WordPress wouldn’t let us.

  • 5 ways to keep WordPress happy

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    5 ways to keep WordPress happy

    1. Install WP Super Cache it’s the number best way to lower the load on a WordPress website. 2. Remove tags, you can do this by simple adding this in the css file: Edit the style.css file and add this code to make your tags disappear with a huge chuck of access load use. .tags {

  • Transferring WordPress to a new web host in 10 steps

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    Transferring WordPress to a new web host in 10 steps

    I just moved over a customer today with WordPress and he was so happy to be transferred away from Godaddy and amazed how easy it was I realized a lot people might be stuck on a bad host out of fear. I just wanted to explain exactly how easy it is to move your site. First of

  • Simple formmail example

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    Simple formmail example

    Here is a simple cut and paste form with a couple variables you can change. It uses Formmail already added to every web hosting account in your CPanel with WebHost.pro. You will need to have a email set up and working in the account you add the form to. Here is the page with the

  • Make an easy $10 by referring as friend!

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    Make an easy $10 by referring as friend!

    Want an extra $10? Well it’s as easy as telling your friends to try out WebHost.pro. Just cut and paste the message below in your social networks and grab a quick $10 off your bill for each sign up. We can even make you a custom 10% off coupon you can give them to track