• Free HTML5 CSS table

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    Free HTML5 CSS table

    We found this great free HTML5 CSS table you can download and use any way you like. You can see a sample of of here: Free Modern HTML5 CSS table You can download the page and images here: Free modern HTML5 CSS table Sorry we tried to type the code here but WordPress wouldn’t let us.

  • 5 ways to keep WordPress happy

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    5 ways to keep WordPress happy

    1. Install WP Super Cache it’s the number best way to lower the load on a WordPress website. 2. Remove tags, you can do this by simple adding this in the css file: Edit the style.css file and add this code to make your tags disappear with a huge chuck of access load use. .tags {

  • Transferring WordPress to a new web host in 10 steps

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    Transferring WordPress to a new web host in 10 steps

    I just moved over a customer today with WordPress and he was so happy to be transferred away from Godaddy and amazed how easy it was I realized a lot people might be stuck on a bad host out of fear. I just wanted to explain exactly how easy it is to move your site. First of

  • Simple formmail example

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    Simple formmail example

    Here is a simple cut and paste form with a couple variables you can change. It uses Formmail already added to every web hosting account in your CPanel with WebHost.pro. You will need to have a email set up and working in the account you add the form to. Here is the page with the

  • Make an easy $10 by referring as friend!

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    Make an easy $10 by referring as friend!

    Want an extra $10? Well it’s as easy as telling your friends to try out WebHost.pro. Just cut and paste the message below in your social networks and grab a quick $10 off your bill for each sign up. We can even make you a custom 10% off coupon you can give them to track

  • Cpanel Updates

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    Cpanel Updates

    WebHost.pro is thrilled to release our new Cpanel software version 11.42, which will soon be available on all servers. cPanel &amp; WHM version 11.42 offers a brand new theme, an upgrade to Horde Groupware Webmail, and more. <strong>Paper Lantern Theme</strong> As part of 11.42, cPanel &amp; WHM introduces Paper Lantern, a modern, powerful theme. With

  • How do you prevent someone from downloading your site?

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    How do you prevent someone from downloading your site?

    We get this question a lot and the truth is there is no 100% fool proof way unless you make your page in PHP and use something like Zend, SourceGuardian, or IonCube which costs money and can be very tricky. In most cases this is not realistic to do and not necessary. We recommend not

  • Better web hosting? I’m Sold!

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    Better web hosting? I’m Sold!

    Here is a funny video we had made just to have a little fun with animation and try to show how simple it should be to get web hosting you can trust and enjoy!