• WordPress shopping carts

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    WordPress shopping carts

    As you know WordPress has gone from a simple blogging script to a fully functional website builder. More and more people and businesses are using wordpress for all of their website needs. Today I wanted to find the best shopping cart options for WordPress. These are plugins that turn your wordpress website into a fully

  • Google Chrome Concept Would Remove the URL Bar

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    Google Chrome Concept Would Remove the URL Bar

    As browser wars continue to heat up, Google Chrome finds itself trailing IE9 in one of its most compelling attributes – viewable web and application space. It’s a “less is more” world as speed and ease are replacing components and functionality for many (thus, the reduced market share for Firefox). To combat this, Google is

  • Sneak peek at Firefox 4.0

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    Sneak peek at Firefox 4.0

    I love the new Aero look, very modern and clean with a cool web 2.0 feel. But it still does not address a growing issue. With more and more net books and phone computers we need more viewing space. I personanly use a 15.5 wide screen when I travel and need all the top view

  • Easy SSL security

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    Easy SSL security

    DWHS offers a full service SSL installation process for our customers. To get SSL now all you have to do is a pay a one time fee of $40 and we will take care of the rest. Once you pay via Paypal or the card on file with us you then just fill out this

  • Choosing your website colors

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    Choosing your website colors

    As you can see colors on the web are changing, for years dark more sophisticated color sets ruled. Now most colors are friendly and and lighter as you can see most with Twitter and Skype. So the question is does the traditional rules of what colors mean to selling products still apply? I think the

  • DWHS adds RV site builder

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    DWHS adds RV site builder

    Online Rv Site Builder Rvsitebuilder is included free in control panels of all clients as well as resellers. Resellers have facility in their WHM so that they may allow/disallow sitebuilder to certain users. Its an extra advantage for resellers as like many other hosting companies they may charge their users something extra for providing sitebuilder

  • Website Content Filtering

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    Website Content Filtering

    The first step in filtering your sites content is to add a meta tag in the header. here is the most common meta tags that can be used to let search engines know your content rating: For adult website you should add this meta tag in your header: <META NAME=”Voluntary Content Rating” CONTENT=”adult”> For other

  • The best Buy Now button

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    The best Buy Now button

    After tests over the last month, the winner for the best buy now button was Amazon’s. We are not sure if it’s because people recognize it or the button itself is just smart but in some cases changing to this button can increase your sales over 50%. Also it’s good to: Mention the price. Have