• How to create a powerful password

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    How to create a powerful password

    Say goodbye to those wimpy, eight-letter passwords. The 12-character era of online security is upon us, according to a report published this week by the Georgia Institute of Technology. The researchers used clusters of graphics cards to crack eight-character passwords in less than two hours. But when the researchers applied that same processing power to

  • What’s my IP?


    What’s my IP?

    You may not know this but DWHS has a easy way to get your current local computer IP. The page is here: http://dwhs.net/ip Or just click this link: What’s my ip What is a IP address? An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical label that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network

  • Mozilla likes HTML5 over Flash


    Mozilla likes HTML5 over Flash

    Mozilla has joined the chorus in declaring HTML5 as the way of the future. While Mozilla isn’t going quite as far as Apple – Flash is still supported in Firefox – vice president of production Jay Sullivan told The Register the Adobe product will never be bundled with the browser. It’s not specifically Adobe that’s

  • HTML 5 will change the web

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    HTML 5 will change the web

    Many folks who are just tuning into the HTML5 saga because of the battle between Adobe and Apple are surprised to learn that the push to create a fifth official version of the HTML specification began six years ago. And that’s just the first half of the story because the latest implementations, while nice, are

  • Easily Add Videos to Your WordPress Blogs

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    Easily Add Videos to Your WordPress Blogs

    With the online video industry taking off, you may want to know some easy ways to add video to your WordPress sites. There are several great WordPress plugins for adding video content to your blogs. In this guide I’ll go over: * Adding your own hosted .flv videos to WordPress * How to embed videos

  • Green Data Center Management: The Hot New College Degree?

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    Green Data Center Management: The Hot New College Degree?

    For more information on DWHS’s green tech click here: Green Web Hosting Degrees in environmental studies, environmental science, and environmental engineering are commonplace in most universities throughout the United States, but Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in Omaha, Nebraska is taking degree specificity to new levels with its 2-year associate’s degree in green data center management.

  • Google Chrome Ditches http://


    Google Chrome Ditches http://

    When you see some text prefixed by “http://” you automatically know that what follows is a web address, as defined by the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The question is — since most web addresses are easily recognizable anyway — do you really need it? The developers of Google Chrome don’t think you do, so they simply

  • DWHS helps launch new social network

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    DWHS helps launch new social network

    A Social Network With Different Ideologies Of People WorldlyPeople.com – Inviting people with big ideas and big minds Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) May 3, 2010 — Internet is already flooded with quite a few social networks, most of which focus on informal fun, entertainment and business prospective. WorldyPeople.com is the new addition in the