• What does a dedicated IP do?

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    What does a dedicated IP do?

    In most cases website owners do not pay attention to the IP their site uses. Google has made it clear that there is no marketing benefit to a dedicated IP. So if a dedicated IP does not help SEO what benefits does a dedicated IP have? Actually there is still a few. I will go

  • Web Host Pro adds CentOS 7 to available OS systems.

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    Web Host Pro adds CentOS 7 to available OS systems.

    As of July 1st 2016 Web Host Pro has added CentOS 7 to the available operating systems for all VPS plans. Our automated system will allow you to remove any existing OS and add CentOS 5, 6, or 7 in real time. If you like this OS added to a new VPS please mention it

  • MySQL Password Alert

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    MySQL Password Alert

    The latest version of MySQL has forced a stricter password format for all databases. This only effects databases made several years ago so most are just fine. If it has effected your website you will just need to create a new MySQL user for your MySQL database connection. It’s pretty easy to use and we are happy to do it for you. We suggest to do this even if you are not effected yet to be sure you have the most recent security.

  • How to install OSSEC

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    How to install OSSEC

    Getting started Q. How do you keep track of authorized and unauthorized activity on your server? A. OSSEC is one of the best current tools to monitor any suspicious activity. OSSEC is an open-source, host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) that performs log analysis, integrity checking, rootkit detection, time-based alerting, and active response. It can be used

  • What is Web Hosting?

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    What is Web Hosting?

    For you to have a website on the Internet, you will need a place to keep the files for your website. You will also need a way for people to see and download the files on your website. This is what a web hosting company does. They have servers (advanced computers) made just to have websites on them, so

  • Our new VPS system is live

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    Our new VPS system is live

    We now offer full root access VPS services. With prices starting as low as $16.99 a month you can get a full powered VPS server with a gig of ram and 10 gigabytes of hard drive space. This includes full backups and CPanel for only $11 more a month. For full details please look at

  • CPanel upgrades

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    CPanel upgrades

    We just made some awesome new improvements to your CPanel. As always we do basic security and software updates nightly but every couple months we make some major improvements we like to let everyone know about. The latest update done on 02/02/2015 has some great upgrades to your CPanel including: Reinforced Security CPanel includes a