• How to install OSSEC

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    How to install OSSEC

    Getting started Q. How do you keep track of authorized and unauthorized activity on your server? A. OSSEC is one of the best current tools to monitor any suspicious activity. OSSEC is an open-source, host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) that performs log analysis, integrity checking, rootkit detection, time-based alerting, and active response. It can be used

  • What is Web Hosting?

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    What is Web Hosting?

    For you to have a website on the Internet, you will need a place to keep the files for your website. You will also need a way for people to see and download the files on your website. This is what a web hosting company does. They have servers (advanced computers) made just to have websites on them, so

  • Our new VPS system is live

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    Our new VPS system is live

    We now offer full root access VPS services. With prices starting as low as $16.99 a month you can get a full powered VPS server with a gig of ram and 10 gigabytes of hard drive space. This includes full backups and CPanel for only $11 more a month. For full details please look at

  • CPanel upgrades

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    CPanel upgrades

    We just made some awesome new improvements to your CPanel. As always we do basic security and software updates nightly but every couple months we make some major improvements we like to let everyone know about. The latest update done on 02/02/2015 has some great upgrades to your CPanel including: Reinforced Security CPanel includes a

  • Easy Apache will start phasing out of Apache 2.2

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    Easy Apache will start phasing out of Apache 2.2

    In about 2 months, the Basic profile in EasyApache will build Apache 2.4 by default. This change will not alter existing EasyApache profiles that build Apache 2.2. If you plan to update from an existing Apache 2.2 installation to Apache 2.4, we strongly recommend that you build in a test environment before you migrate Apache

  • Web hosting for PHP 5.3

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    Web hosting for PHP 5.3

    We know what it’s like to have an older script that requires PHP 5.3. You spent money getting it and god knows how much time making it the way you want it. That is why we have a special server running PHP 5.3 just for you. Just sign up for a normal web hosting plan

  • IP Subnet Masks

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    IP Subnet Masks

    So IP subnet masks can be a bit tricky. Some IP’s are usable, some are not, and /24  is a different number than how many IP’s are available or even used. What I mean is for 100 IP’s why not go /100 seams easy enough lol. Well Computer programmers are infamous for making things harder