• Email blacklist problems?

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    Email blacklist problems?

    Email… one of the best things to happen with computers, also one of the most troublesome. ISP’s blocking ports, spammers, viruses,  host issues, false positives, and third rate blacklisting services. There is a number of reasons email can be a hassle and here at DWHS it is a top priority to make sure your email

  • Script Center Upgrade

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    Script Center Upgrade

    We just made a major upgrade with our Script Center. We now have a cleaner and easier to use interface and most important more scripts and apps! Any or all of these web applications can be added to your website, including multiple installs of each. web application -noun 1. Software designed to manage, enhance, or

  • WebSite Builder Version 5.0 is released!

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    WebSite Builder Version 5.0 is released!

    Our new site builder is totally improved from the ground up. It’s faster, easier, and has a ton of new options that you requested. Here is just some of the new benefits of version 5.0. New In Version 5 New Interface Improved Interface Build quality websites faster in fewer steps. Social Network Integration Social Network

  • Finding good website hosting

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    Finding good website hosting

    When you want to start an online business, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is where you want to sell your product. If you’re really serious in running the business, creating a website will give you an advantage better than any other means. In order to have good quality website, having to

  • Dedicated IP Myths

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    Dedicated IP Myths

    Class C IP Addresses are supposedly favored by search engine bots. Class C IP addresses is the basis of SEO hosting and thus is recommended in all cases. This specific type of IP address allows for the search engine bot to discover a large number of diverse inbound links entering your site increasing your ranking.

  • PHP 4 End of Life announcement

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    PHP 4 End of Life announcement

    DWHS and cPanel to End Support for PHP 4 DWHS and cPanel announces that EasyApache will no longer support PHP 4 beginning May, 2012. PHP 4 has not been actively developed, or supported by the PHP developers, for several years. Many CVEs reported against newer versions of PHP are also applicable in version 4, but

  • Mincrosoft sever vulnerable

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    Mincrosoft sever vulnerable

    <a href="http://blog.webhost.pro/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/presentation-presenter-desktop-training-viewer-930538.jpg"><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-665" title="remote desktop" src="http://blog.webhost.pro/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/presentation-presenter-desktop-training-viewer-930538-300×132.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="132" /></a> "Yesterday, during Microsoft's Patch Tuesday they announced a patch for a critical vulnerability in Windows Remote Desktop. If exploited, the vulnerability would allow anyone to remotely run commands on your server. This bug affects all versions of Windows (XP – 7/2008 R2) If

  • DWHS to add old server bargain basement.

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    DWHS to add old server bargain basement.

    As older servers stock up more and more, fast servers that work perfectly but are not new become available. In early December DWHS will add a new section for bargain servers managed or unmanaged. This will list each older server and the exact specs. The servers will be posted in the dedicated server page here: