• Simple web 2.0 banners

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    Simple web 2.0 banners

    1. Create a new file 478 x 60 pixels and make a Linear Gradient #1e1e1e to #3f3f3f 2. Then with the Custom Shape Tool and using Fixed Size we’ll make a new shape. 3. Now click over the layer and Rasterize it. 4. Then go to Filter/Distort/Twirl and put 150°. 5. You should have something

  • HTML5 Knocks Out Adobe Flash in Reader Vote

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    HTML5 Knocks Out Adobe Flash in Reader Vote

    A few weeks ago, tensions between Adobe and Apple rose to all-time highs after Apple prominently left Flash off of the iPad. A lashing by Steve Jobs, calling Adobe lazy and Flash buggy didn’t help matters at all. The problem: Apple believes that Flash shouldn’t be part of the web’s future. Instead, the company believes

  • Don’t fall for unlimited everything

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    Don’t fall for unlimited everything

    We know unlimited sounds great and might seem like less worries then limits but in web hosting it’s just the opposite. One of the main problems with unlimited web hosting companies is that they have slower connections and cram tons of websites on one server. This means slower loading websites that are not reliable. About

  • Flash hurts your SEO

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    Flash hurts your SEO

    We have all seen amazing sites using Flash throughout. As humans, we can appreciate these sites for what they are, and often find the compelling and professional. But the simple fact is that a search engine spider cannot read the content of a flash website. Before you put a flash site up, look at the

  • 7 tips for a website business

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    7 tips for a website business

    Having a great website is not necessarily easy. Free templates tend to be generic and not compelling where paying for a website design is like a shot in the dark for most companies. At DWHS we highly recommend taking on the task on yourself. Try to just be patient, eventually it will all make since

  • Top 5 reasons websites load slow

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    Top 5 reasons websites load slow

    Slow loading websites are still the number one reason why people leave a website before buying, here are some flags for what might be slowing down your website. The top 5 reasons a website loads slow: The amount and size of resources on the web page like widgets, link lists, images, videos. The browser has

  • Email port 25 26 587

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    Email port 25 26 587

    Email port 25 – This is the standard outgoing email port. 99% of the time it will be fine and set in your email program by default. Email port 26 – This is simply a alternative to port 25 and works the same. It exists because some ISP’s do not allow outgoing email which we

  • Using Google Public DNS

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    Using Google Public DNS

    Google now offers free DNS resolves, they claim this will speed up the entire internet. These new DNS servers will replace your ISP’s domain name servers. You can also simply use them as addiotnal resolvers and keep your current DNS as the primary. DNS basically stores what every domain name’s IP is. Here is the