Our History

DWHS Domain Web Hosting Service (now WebHost.pro as 2013) was started in 2001 by two progressive webmasters that got fed up with web hosting services that had hidden charges and unstable networks. At the time web hosting had a serious need for services that where affordable and professional. So two webmasters from Los Angeles partnered up to make the best possible web hosting service with no misleading information and the fastest and most reliable network possible. Even today hosts still have these unrealistic offers to entice an uninformed website owner. The truth is, these hosts will have thousands of websites on one server. Here we limit our servers to about 2-300 websites (apposed to thousands like Godaddy or DreamHost). This means much faster and more reliable connections at all times. We also removed slow fiber connections from our network, and and new faster ones to keep our blended network the fastest possible at all times. Some of our competitors use these unstable slow connections as their main fiber! Simply put, we will always offer the best possible service and continually improve all facets of our web hosting service, all for the lowest possible price.

DWHS Inc. (now WebHost.pro) is an American corporation with headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, and Santa Ana, Costa Rica. We started out sharing a data center in Los Angeles in 1998. We had great success with the internet boom, but did not over-extend ourselves. Maintaining strong growth, our web hosting business grew to the great success of partially owning a multi-million dollar data center located in downtown LA next to the Wilshire building. We are licensed for business in Huntington Beach CA, Santa Barbara CA, Los Angeles CA, Las Vegas NV, Santa Ana Costa Rica, and Seattle WA. We currently run our corporate offices and most of our servers out of our downtown Los Angeles data center. The web hosting plans here at DWHS (now WebHost.pro) come with redundant tier one bandwidth connections. If one connection slows down the network instantly rolls over to the next in line for true network speed and reliability. In addition to our fast and reliable network we use global DNS servers and the latest top of the line stable server technology. Combine our speed, reliability, cutting edge technology, with dual level daily back ups, industry leading support, and you can see why customers stay with DWHS (now WebHost.pro) years longer then the web hosting industry average and over 3 times as long as the most popular web hosting companies.

The majority of our servers are hosted in a premium data center in downtown LA. Currently there is a full 6000 Mps (6GiG-E connections) supplying our Data Center. In OC fiber line terms that is close to 7 OC-12 lines and 3 OC-3 line. The data center has connections to the best Internet backbones including Verizon, Internap, Level3, Global Crossing, and much more. By connecting to multiple tier 1 backbones, the data can be distributed through many sources globally. Still with the best network a good internet connection is only effective if the servers that are running on it. We build our servers with the highest quality Intel and Super Micro parts, we then monitor them constantly to ensure optimal performance at all times.

We are very confident with our technical experience and between all of the partners here at DWHS (now WebHost.pro) we have over a hundred years in the web hosting arena. Our head technician and technical inspiration Ethan Luger, has had experience on both sides of the internet industry. His schooling at UC Berkeley was imperative according to him, but nothing can prepare for an attack like being able to see from the attackers perspective. Ethan decided to learn through the eyes of hackers and crackers by joining underground groups and experimenting. Never using his hacking and cracking ability for personal gain, he soon became a master or as some would say a “true hacker”.

(A hacker technically is not someone who causes mischief, this is a “cracker“. This common misunderstanding in the internet world is very upsetting to true hackers. A true hacker uses his ability to further the evolution of the internet in a positive way)