• How much data are you using?


    How much data are you using?

    How much data are you using for common tasks? We have done some averages and estimates and this is what we came up with for the average internet usage session. ACTIVITY * ESTIMATED SIZE – EACH ACTIVITY ** *Email (1 page without attachments) **30 KB *Web Page Look-up **200 KB *Web Browsing/Viewing Video Clips **3

  • Email port 25 26 587

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    Email port 25 26 587

    Email port 25 – This is the standard outgoing email port. 99% of the time it will be fine and set in your email program by default. Email port 26 – This is simply a alternative to port 25 and works the same. It exists because some ISP’s do not allow outgoing email which we

  • Inside DWHS Inc. Website Hosting

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    Inside DWHS Inc. Website Hosting

    This is a inside look at Charles Yarbrough building a 8 CPU Xeon server from scratch for a dedicated server customer.

  • Using Google Public DNS

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    Using Google Public DNS

    Google now offers free DNS resolves, they claim this will speed up the entire internet. These new DNS servers will replace your ISP’s domain name servers. You can also simply use them as addiotnal resolvers and keep your current DNS as the primary. DNS basically stores what every domain name’s IP is. Here is the

  • Free gypsy background images


    Free gypsy background images

  • Tell a friend!

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    Tell a friend!

    DWHS is now giving a free month of web hosting for all referred new accounts, just let us know the domain name and name of the person that you refereed and we will confirm it and add a free month to your current web hosting. Simple as that!

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  • Computer terms


    Computer terms

    We just added a new page called computer terms to our blog. We will continually update this page with new current terms and make sure the accuracy is as concise as possible. Please add comments here or on the page if you have new terms or corrections on the page. Thank you, DWHS Inc.